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Caster : Location : QATAR

· Conducting the process of semi-continuous and continuous casting of vibe bars, ingots of various profiles and sizes, continuous single and multi-strand casting of wire billets and rolling them at a rolling mill with a combined casting and rolling process under the guidance of a higher qualifier.

· Control of an electric furnace (mixer), foundry installation (machine), casting machine (conveyor), molds, rolling mill, ladle tipper and other equipment.

· Loading in a furnace or mixer solid and pouring liquid metal, loading alloying additives.

· Stirring metal.

· Monitoring the temperature and level of the metal in the furnace, mixer, bowl, mold, heating spirals, the uniformity of the flow of metal into the molds.

· Supervision of stacking ingots, ingots or ingots.

· The removal of slag from the metal surface in the furnace, ladle, bowl.

· Bypass metal in a twin oven (mixer).

· Sample selection. Monitoring the operation of equipment, identifying and troubleshooting in its work.

· Must know; device and electrical circuits of furnaces, mixers, rolling mills and other serviced equipment; water cooling and lubrication system, methods of preventing and eliminating product defects; casting and rolling conditions; the rules of preparation for operation of molds, bowls, gutters, lining of foundry tools; rules for the use of instrumentation and their indications; process parameters; physicochemical, mechanical and technological properties of the metals used.

· Recording equipment performance indicators.

· Determination of the quality of finished products.

· design features of furnaces, mixers, rolling mills, molds, foundries (machines) and other serviced equipment; causes and methods of troubleshooting equipment.

· Operating rules for automatic process control devices.

· Methods for installing the mold in multi-strand continuous casting of wire billet.

Foundations of metallurgy within the framework of the program of industrial and technical training

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