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Furnace Operator – Location : Qatar

· Design features of furnaces, mixers, rolling mills, molds, foundries (machines) and other serviced equipment.

· Causes and methods of troubleshooting equipment.

· Operating rules for automatic process control devices.

· Methods for installing the mold in multi-strand continuous casting of wire billet.

· Foundations of metallurgy within the framework of the program of industrial and technical training.

· Requirements of normative and technical documentation for conducting the process of fire refining of copper (standards for quality indicators, technological instructions, technical specifications and state standards for raw materials).

· Melting process technology, gas purification and process control methods.

· Principles of operation of equipment and mechanisms involved in the process.

· Rules and norms of labor protection, safety measures, industrial sanitation and fire safety.

· Rules for liquidation of accidents and organization of personnel actions in the event of an emergency.

· the basis of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation.

· Fundamentals of economics, labor organization, production and management.

· Quality policy and environmental policy of CJSC "NMZ".

· Documentation of the quality management system and environmental management system.


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