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Company name: Pioneer Laboratory

· Company location: Doha Qatar

· Company Activity: materials testing laboratory doing tests for construction materials like soil, asphalt aggregate concrete, cement, water, etc.

· Work activity: we are looking for lab assistant technicians who is able to learn for various king of laboratory activity works such as doing tests at site, doing test inside lab, typing the reports, doing some calculations, filing, entering data on computer, receiving samples or some office works.

· Experience: not required and any activity will be trained by supervisor and he must follow the instructions

· Work place or environment: indoor or outdoor to go do the test or go to collect samples of soil or asphalt or aggregate or indoor with computer. The work place may change from time to time depend on the work requirements and the applicant must be flexible for the change and he will be trained for whatever job assignment

· Qualification: Higher secondary school level with stamped certificate from government

· English: can read and write

· Computer: can do typing on computer.

· Joining ticket: by the company

· Salary: option 1: (2 years contract) 1000+200 food OT is measurable depend on the work load and not guaranteed applicant will be trained in-house for whatever activity. Option 2: (3 years contract No vacation): 1000+200 food +200 after pass the exam (6-8 months) the company will send the applicant for training course for few days and the process of approval may take 6-7 months by ministry. The company will pay around 10,000 QR. total cost so the applicant must work for 3 years continuous without any vacation and his salary will be increased 200 Qr after 6-8 month once he pass the exam.

· Nationality: India, Bangladesh, srilanka, Nepal, Kenya, or Philippine

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