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Process Engineer(Aluminum) : Location : Qatar

To handle all shift responsibilities, organize and monitor aluminum smelting activities, manpower, safety and to insure high standards/quality production.

· Has Aluminum smelting process experience.

Experience in casting and heat treating of Aluminum Alloys.Experience in testing of Aluminum Alloys.Lead efforts to ensure processes and systems are operating in a stable and efficient fashion by solving problems to the root cause, seeking and identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementing innovative solutions within defined boundaries.

· Conceive and establish individual project plans in consultation with supervisor and work stream leaders: Accountable for defining, scheduling, monitoring, and completion of individual projects by establishing project plans that meet the needs of the production.

· Mentor and provide functional guidance to less experienced engineers/scientists and technicians.

· Lead major projects such as implementation of sow mold pouring station, tapping system and systems/processes to support ongoing advancement of the aluminum smelting process.

· Communicate progress and results through written detailed technical reports.

· BS in Engineering, Chemistry, or Materials Science.

· 5 years’ experience as process engineer and/or production engineer

· Experience in Aluminum Smelting process

· Strong communication and interpersonal skills are required

· Demonstrated organized approach for data management and analysis

· Demonstrated ability to lead and execute on difficult projects


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