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Rolling Mill Operator (Cooper) : Location : Qatar

Must Know:

· Supervision and licensing activities when operating technical devices of hazardous production facilities in the time and amount specified by applicable law.

· Requirement of normative and technical documentation for the process management (standards of quality indicators, technological instructions, technical specifications and state standards for raw materials).

· Technology of the smelting process, continuous casting, rolled copper wire.

· Principle of operation of equipment and mechanisms involved in the process.

· Rules and norms of labor protection, safety measures, industrial sanitation and fire safety.

· Rules for liquidation of accidents and organization of personnel actions in the event of an emergency.

· The basis of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation.

· Fundamentals of economics, labor organization, production and management.

· Quality policy and environmental policy of CJSC "NMZ".

· Documentation of the quality management system and environmental management system.

· Internal labor regulations.

Responsibilities for leadership:

· Supervises the shift of the copper wire rod workshop. Under the master shift are smelters, casters, distributors.


Ensures the fulfillment of tasks for the production of products, the production of work in accordance with the approved plans and schedules.

Determines the needs of shift personnel in tools, consumables, personal protective equipment, work clothing and draws up applications for their purchase.

· Ensures compliance with the established procedure for transferring shifts.

· Organizes the rational use of material, energy and labor resources.

Ensure compliance with the technological regime in accordance with approved techno

· maps, instructions and methods at workplaces.

· keep the necessary entries in the accounting and registration documents of the workshop.

· Participates in the development of technological documentation.

· organize operational and statistical accounting of shift activity indicators.

· Draw up reports of the established form and ensures their timely submission to management.

· Organize accounting and controls the movement of all types of raw materials, materials, semi-finished products, related products, negotiable products, production waste during the work shift.

· Participate in the development of a quality management system, the implementation of goals and objectives in the field of quality.

· Fix deviations from the set parameters on the quality of processes and products, reports on inconsistencies to its leader.

· Perform corrective and preventive actions.

· Participate in the development and implementation of measures aimed at improving the quality and competitiveness of products.

· Develop and improves own qualifications, studies special literature and periodicals, addresses his immediate supervisor with suggestions on taking courses or seminars for professional retraining.

· Manage the distribution of functions between shift workers.

· Draw up work schedules and vacation schedules for shift workers.

· Instruct subordinate personnel at the workplace (primary, repeated, unscheduled, target).

· Ensure compliance by workers with a change in labor and production discipline, internal rules.

· Provides timely training for shift personnel: provides information to the shop manager about the need for training / advanced training / briefing of shift workers.

· Ensure the creation of safe working conditions in the workplace.

· Ensure compliance with industrial safety rules, safety regulations and industrial hygiene by subordinate employees.

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